Monday, May 6, 2013

To new beginnings

As we attend all the festivities for our Granddaughter, Taylor---it all seems to finally soak in that she is a grown up lady now and not our little one that we made so many memories with her and her sister~~~ We will enjoy watching her go to college and work hard to make all her dreams come true~~We will support her in any way we can~~In all this there is always a tear to shed~~Not really sadness, I guess happiness for her and this special time in her life~~We have always been so much a part of their lives in growing up ~This is Inew part that she will do on her own and We have all the faith that she will excel in her endeavers~~Still '~~I can't help to shed some tears here alone~~All the tea parties and all the fun we have had for all these 18 years>  Guess I am going to have to do some of the projects that have been  sitting on the back burner~~~and we still have our Kayla to go to her ballgames and enjoy 3 more years of all her activities in high school~~~ Just had to let it go alittle~~~

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