Monday, April 18, 2011

Remembering Easter 's from our past.

All these little pretties make think of the many Easter's past. The cross-stitch tablecloth myMom
 made me many years ago with love in every stitch. Some of the bunnies were mine as a little girl. Those are very "antique", but priceless. The white teapot always had a spot of coffee in it, and lots of cream and sugar at my Grandma's house. Our  Grandkids will be in LA this Easter. This is the first yr. we did not have a egg hunt, but they do grow up. We enjoyed fresh fish, Fresh mushrooms, and b-b-q and many other good things last night with them for a early celebration. We have lots of wonderful memories to hold on to.May all have a Blessed Easter!!!


  1. I loved the look down Memory Lane... Those cards are amazing, and oh, those wonderfully neat stitches... What a legacy.