Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mothers Are very Special~~~~~

Looking sunset and the spring flowers~~~ brings back so many memories of Mother's day in the past. This has been such a Special Week with our Granddaughter turning "16" and her first Prom. She was sooo beautiful. I'm sure all Grandma's thought the same of their  girls. On Mon. She made her first trip to our house in her new car to bring me a card.~~~ Do not open until Sun, it says on the envelope. She does not realize how special that is!!  I found a poem today in a Ideals book that my Girls had given me when they were small.. They had printed their names ~~To Mom it says. Oh my , the tears~~ LIFE'S PRECIOUS MOMENTS~God gave the world stars.....and there was beauty.  God gavethe world sun...and there was warmth.  God gave the world rain...and there was life.  God gave the world Mothers.. and there was love.  {Carl Goelier}  May this Mother's day bring you Love and hugs and Wonderful Memories of those no longer with us.


  1. Just beautiful... Love you...

  2. beautiful poem!!! Everyday brings me love because I have a mother like You!!!!