Saturday, March 30, 2013

~~~Happy Easter~~~

 Just a few of the bunnies that are hiding out in our home this Easter~~~
 Always love the reproductions of days gone by!!
 A welcome from our Front door-

 These precious bunnies and eggs were made for me  by my Sis~~Gayla she is so special ~~

Just love to fix my mantle with holiday things~~My Dad made this fireplace for my Mom many years~~ago
Happy Easter to all!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Same day, but the evening~~~

 Beautiful sunset~~~~The horses are enjoying the view too~~~hint of pink in the locust grove in the background~~I have found in the last year or two I can enjoy the beauty and snap pictures at anytime of day~

a quick glimpse of the early morn~~

 Just happens when I took these yesterday morn~~~ My Sis says I caught the blue hour!!! I have seen her photos that she has taken in the eve of the blue hour~~~I was excited to catch a different scene that was so neat!! The little wood ducks swimming was actually the reason for the photo  ~They are enjoying the early morn.

Amazing views out my window~~

 Such Spring snow storm~~but in all it's wonder the view is beautiful~~~with all the snow , the geese were swimming on the pond~~~every season has a change in  the view out our window~~~

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just a quick glimpse and it is gone~

Just a quick glance Fri morn~~~Such a beauty of sight~~~then one moment later it has been covered with the clouds~~~So many beauties of nature in the early morning hours~~

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring and Happy Birthday~~~

 little rabbit with the green hat and vest is a small candle from my childhood~~~Such special memories for us all!!!  HAPPY SPRING~~~
Thought these napkins would make her feel young at heart again~~~Her oldest daughter is going to graduate in May  and will soon be on her way to college!!Another stepping stone in our garden of a wonderful life~~
Getting all  our Family together to celebrate our Oldest Daughter's birthday~~With working schedules and all, we had it a few days early~~Just a early Easter celebration too as they will go to Louisiana for Easter~

Friday, March 15, 2013

Such a wonder ~~

Just a quick glimpse of a rainbow, that did not last very long~~~

Just at few days makes such a change~~

This was on Sunday~~ with the snow and the warm air there was a mystic fog everywhere!!

A Taste of Spring~~

Oh such a beautiful sight to behold~~The snow has mostly all gone and we had such a wonderful warm day~~~ We set out on our favorite spring seat~~tailgate of the truck and just enjoyed the warm sunrays~~ It was so nice to not have on a coat~ so many things to be done, but will have to wait a few weeks as they call for cooler temp tomorrow!! We are so thankful to see water up to the dock~the drought last summer drained our pond so much~~This is our peaceful view that we planned our house around~~~ the view from the kitchen window and the deck are so beautiful , no matter the season~~

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day~~~I have had fun putting this together~~ I  have many plans of displays I want to share soon~~ Today was a taste of Spring here~~warmer and some of the snow left~~We will all be looking forward to that first hint of tulips and jonquils peeping their pretty faces thru the grass and leaves~~So many plans for the spring  planting~~~

These little bluebirds are from (cousin)Sister~~~every time I look at it I know of the love we share as Sister's~~~

Happy St. Patrick's Day~~~

Made me a pattern to make a Shamrock~~~Buttons from my MOther-in-Law's tin of buttons~~she loved to collect them. I have used so many of them in crafts~~sweet memories-a vintage card that was in my collection-

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

~~~~Lighting of the Green~~~

 Had fun gathering  some of my Green dishes to decorate for St. Patrick's day~~
 May the luck of the irish be with you all~~~

Friday, March 8, 2013

A taste of Spring

This was taken pre- storms Q~~Rocky~~saturn~~~ so much snow now......We went south 3 hours to Steelville to honor one of our wonderful friends who had passed away.  they have no snow~~Birds were singing and some of the jonquils were blooming~~~ such a difference in our own state~~~Soon we will see green grass also.. so many plans for the flower beds and garden~~~ sure gave us a taste of the wonderful season to come~~~

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mother Nature presented me with a memorable Birthday~~~These were beautiful poppies that I can enjoy ~~~no matter what the weather outside  They really brighten the day~~ Cake and ice cream with all Our family on Sun was so much fun~~with all their busy scheludes, it is hard to always do that~~Spending time with Our youngest Granddaughter last night~She stayed the night, Mom and Dad and Older Sister went to KC to visit her college~~ Another milestone to happen in this growing up process for her~~~So proud of them both~~She will persue her dreams~~  of Course, Kayla and I played our game of Skip-bo~~we always have to play a hand or two~~very rare though~~she let me win!Ha ha~~ Better get the breakfast going~She does have to go to school today----we were hoping for one more day to play and enjoy--- such wonderful memories to be treasured ~~~~~

Such a Currier and Ives picture week this has been!!~ Going to work was such a challenge~~But we made it~~ Breakfast made for all the workers who had to stay the night~~Lots of challenges for all~~Many lost their power, but we were very fortunate!! Home and sit by the fire~~~Cozy.