Friday, March 1, 2013

Mother Nature presented me with a memorable Birthday~~~These were beautiful poppies that I can enjoy ~~~no matter what the weather outside  They really brighten the day~~ Cake and ice cream with all Our family on Sun was so much fun~~with all their busy scheludes, it is hard to always do that~~Spending time with Our youngest Granddaughter last night~She stayed the night, Mom and Dad and Older Sister went to KC to visit her college~~ Another milestone to happen in this growing up process for her~~~So proud of them both~~She will persue her dreams~~  of Course, Kayla and I played our game of Skip-bo~~we always have to play a hand or two~~very rare though~~she let me win!Ha ha~~ Better get the breakfast going~She does have to go to school today----we were hoping for one more day to play and enjoy--- such wonderful memories to be treasured ~~~~~

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  1. Sounds like a fun evening. This double blizzard will be one for the record books... Come down when you can.