Thursday, July 31, 2014

Saying Good-bye to July and Hello to August~~

The end of July always has a sad note to me~~Plans that I had made and did not carry thru~~The hectic time ahead of school starting and knowing that our Granddaughters will so busy~~One going back to UMKC for her 2nd yr. in college~~Miss her dropping in and saying Hi~~And Kayla starting her busy Jr. yr. and preparing for her future and college too~~
Pickled Beets canned for the winter days ahead(If they last that long) A favorite of  all our Girls!!
Richard knows I like to decorate for fall, so he gathered up the corn into shocks/ Years gone by, this was done to feed the livestock in the winter~~
Flowers of Summer seem to show their beauty more as we know the weeks are enjoyment get shorter~~We have had such a beautiful summer~~Take a deep breathe and enjoy☺
Tony and Charlie probably have a idea that with cooler weather~~They will get hitched up and wagon rides will be ahead~~YEAH~~
Not to be forgotten are the beautiful sunsets that we enjoy each and every day from out country hillside!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A mid Summer morning and it's beauty~~

Going out early this morning, there was a cool breeze and I picked Beans and zucchini out of our Garden~~The Birds were happily singing and enjoying the cool wind~~Later on  it was a different story~~so hot~~We cooked beets out on the burner in the garage~~Might say the Summer Kitchen~~Also Richard did up more corn. Will taste so good this winter and we will remember the heat from this day
My First Dahlia's are beginning to bloom. These make me think back  many yrs, when My Grandad and Ma would take their glads and dahlia to the state fair and would win all kinds of ribbons with their beauty~~

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The amzzing eve view from out on the boat~~Didn't catch any fish, but oh the Beauty in the sky

You can almost hear the waves splashing in this photo~Such a beautiful evening

The moon coming up in the East and the sun going down in the West~~Love the beauty that God gives us to enjoy~~
Oh the colors to enjoy~~The reflection of the clouds in the water~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Come take a ride on the waves.