Thursday, July 31, 2014

Saying Good-bye to July and Hello to August~~

The end of July always has a sad note to me~~Plans that I had made and did not carry thru~~The hectic time ahead of school starting and knowing that our Granddaughters will so busy~~One going back to UMKC for her 2nd yr. in college~~Miss her dropping in and saying Hi~~And Kayla starting her busy Jr. yr. and preparing for her future and college too~~
Pickled Beets canned for the winter days ahead(If they last that long) A favorite of  all our Girls!!
Richard knows I like to decorate for fall, so he gathered up the corn into shocks/ Years gone by, this was done to feed the livestock in the winter~~
Flowers of Summer seem to show their beauty more as we know the weeks are enjoyment get shorter~~We have had such a beautiful summer~~Take a deep breathe and enjoy☺
Tony and Charlie probably have a idea that with cooler weather~~They will get hitched up and wagon rides will be ahead~~YEAH~~
Not to be forgotten are the beautiful sunsets that we enjoy each and every day from out country hillside!!

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