Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today was a awesome day. I had to work, but I did get a spurt of energy when I got home tonight and worked in the yard. The red bud is budding out and all the little flowers are bringing gorth their beauty. We have radishes , lettuce and onions up. There is a special feeling when you can go out and get things out of your garden to put on the table. My Dad and  Mom and My  Grandparents always had such a beautiful garden. I don't follow in their footsteps like I should, but We sure try------.The strawbery bed has a few less weeds tonight---can't wait to have some to pick. Everyone enjoy these beautiful April days and all the awesome sights of spring. The flowering trees and the green grass and all the pretty flowers.


  1. Sounds wonderful..... I'm glad for pretty weather. Great post!

  2. Thanks for stopping by May Days and leaving that nice comment. Welcome to blogland! You're going to learn so much with this experience. I know I did. Helps keep the brain young! LOL! Your garden sounds wonderful.
    See you again soon.