Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day~~~

On Sunday eve~~we took a evening ride down thru the country roads in our neighborhood!~~such beauty of nature you can see taking a wagon ride~

Fields of purple which the farmers don't really like and try to get rid of, but still pretty~~
 on this 1st day of May the Redbud is blooming and the sky is so beautiful~~winds of change once again are in the forcast~~~~
Setting out on the deck this eve was so enjoyable after a hectic day at work ~~~THe next weeks will be filled with activities for Taylor as she graduates~~~We celebrated her Birthday last night with pizza and cake and homemade Icecream~~We have to grasp every minute we have with her and our families~~Time goes by so fast~~ I feel like I am so behind with this weather and all my flowers~~Richard made me another flower bed in front of my little fun shed that I have so many plans for ~~~Always have to have our dreams~~ a little extra boost of energy always helps too!~!Wishing the best to all and a Happy May Day~Memories of this day when I was a little girl and would gather a bouquet and put on my Mom''s door~~knock and run and hide! I should have made baskets for several today!! I don;t do all these things that I should~Winds of change are already picking up out there and colder!!!Hopefully not to many days of cold!Our family in NOrthwest Iowa are getting snow right now~~BRR!!!!

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